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  • Purposeful Wish Lists

    Purposeful Wish Lists
    Has anyone else ever felt guilty building a wish list for themselves as an adult? Or maybe it’s just so hard to come up with anything to add to your list! You are not alone. I’ve been there. Wish lists can also be built with intention; that is, they can consist of loving actions and dreams in mind as opposed to material things. Naming your desires can give them power. 
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  • How Does Your Community Help You?

    How Does Your Community Help You?
    It has been three years since we opened our doors on Stoughton’s Main Street. We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without the support and love from the Stoughton community. Grasshopper Goods is what it is today because of the incredible community surrounding it. In honor of our 3rd anniversary in Stoughton, we wanted to re-share the story of how Grasshopper Goods began calling Stoughton home.
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  • Importance of Everyday Rituals

    Importance of Everyday Rituals
    Rituals are a major part of our lives. Whether it’s your morning routine of a cup of coffee before you get your day started, walking the dog after work, or even gathering with family for the holidays, our lives are filled with them. From morning to evening, rituals can be found throughout and should never be rushed. Here at Grasshopper Goods, we have a lovely selection of products that can help jump start a new ritual in your life or add to the ones you’ve already created. Below you’ll find daily Grasshopper Goods rituals with products you can find in our shop.
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  • Tips to Spread Out Your Holiday Spending

    Tips to Spread Out Your Holiday Spending
    The holidays are something to look forward to, a welcome reprieve from many troubles and a break for your mental health. This year shouldn’t be any different on that front, and lessening the financial stresses that may come with a holiday season affected by COVID-19 can help ease your worry.
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