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  • Karen's Inspiration and Manifestation to Grasshopper Goods

    Karen's Inspiration and Manifestation to Grasshopper Goods

    I'm really excited to share this topic as it's timely with the spring themes and new beginnings. I wanted to touch a little bit about how the idea of Grasshopper Goods evolved in today's blog. I hope it provides you with some inspiration to dream big and realize anything is possible. 

    Diving into my family history, I come from a family of entrepreneurs but a family  who weren't necessarily inspired by entrepreneurs but literally people who had to pivot their entire lives. My grandfather was an entrepreneur who did many crazy things... studied to be a lawyer (but never practiced) and then started his own company. He was an idea man full of energy! Two traits I certainly got from him.

    My father was a major inspiration to me in starting my own business. He studied art and math in college and was planning on being an educator. However, my grandfather was a man of tradition and had my dad start in the Sears management program at the young age of 22 back in the 1960s. This was far from a fit for my dad who had this crazy idea that he wanted to become a pilot... he had never flown a plane in his life! Yet, in true Foersterling fashion, he went for it by going to pilot school which landed him as a pilot for Eastern Airlines... which became his ultimate passion and identity.

    After 25 years, with three kids (two in college), Eastern Airlines was bought out and my dad lost his job and really his identity. This meant he had to reinvent himself in his 50s... and while it was far from easy, he worked the problem (as my dad always did). He sold repo cars, worked for his friends, doing whatever he could, which eventually evolved into many different jobs until retirement.

    Fast forward to my own journey, I started as an educator! I started teaching special education after college to then receiving my PhD to teaching teachers. But through all of these different journey's, I always had this inkling I wanted to start something for myself... the Foersterling side of me was itching to act on some of my crazy ideas (thanks to Dad and Papa).

    My manifestation of achieving Grasshopper Goods truly began as my kids were in school and growing up. No matter what the idea was, I would share them with friends and family always putting ideas out into the universe. When I began working at A Stone's Throw on Monroe Street, this was the time when the idea for Grasshopper Goods truly began.

    My daughter, Kelsey (now GG's Digital Marketing Director), worked at A Stone's Throw and met Jenn Zutter (GG's Creative Director) who was a manager at the time. Kelsey introduced Jenn and myself and I began working at A Stone's Throw part-time - I had always loved and appreciated boutiques/small businesses.

    And so, these idea conversations evolved as I evolved and my inspiration from travel and boutiques melded together into... what about a mobile-boutique?

    I think the biggest takeaway, is that you don't have to know or have one big idea or dream for something to happen. My ideas evolved with me and I truly never had a specific "idea" I knew I wanted to pursue. People tend to think you have to know... but guess what... most people who pursue anything are usually figuring it out as they go.

    No matter what ideas you have, put them out here. Write them down. Talk to people about them. Because I promise you... they can happen. The world needs dreamers, doers, and believers.

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  • Gifts for Any Price Point

    Gifts for Any Price Point

    Still in need of that perfect gift for someone this holiday season? Not sure where to start? Well we’re here to help!

    Below we’ve compiled gifts to fit any price point! From $25 and under, $25 to $50, and $50 to $75! No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we’re sure that you’ll find that perfect something for anyone on your list!

    $25 or less

    Our items under $25 are perfect for when you may not know a lot about the person you’re buying for. The Patch Keychains have so many cute motifs to fit anyone’s style – from flowers to burgers, to deserts to forests, they’re perfect to elevate any set of keys. We offer a variety of different hair clips for any hair length. New at the shop is our wave hair clip, perfect for half-up hairdos or pulling all your hair back. The Reusable UnPaper Towels are the perfect eco-friendly gift that will help anyone cut down on the amount of paper towels they use -- plus they even stick together on a paper towel roll! The Travel Tin Candles come in so many scents that sometimes it can be hard to choose! Made in Richland Center, WI, this handmade item is sure to warm up the cold winter months. Our Passport Journals have also been a bestseller this season! There’s one for pretty much any activity or even food. Record your golf scores, favorite tacos, or even museum trips.

    $25 - $50

    The $25 to $50 tier is filled with everything from tees to home decor! We have a ton of different tees in this price range, but one of our current favorites would have to be Do Good Recklessly Tee. All of our winter hats also fall into this category. We have a variety of beanies and pom pom hats in tons of different patterns and colors. Our Ceramic Thumbprint Tumblers are perfect for enjoying a cold or hot drink–and they pair perfectly with any of our alcoholic mixes or bitter sets. And of course, we can’t forget about a fan favorite–Stitch M! Stitch M makes a collection of adorable embroidered birds, such as this Peace Sign Bird pictured above.

    $50 - $75

    If you have a bigger budget this year, we have some great “big ticket” items! Any of our backpacks or crossbody bags are great, but this Belvedere City Sling Crossbody Bag in black is perfect to go with any outfit. We have a wide array of jewelry from local artisans. Ranging from necklaces to earrings, in both gold and silver, we have something to fit any style. Featured in this photo is the Leaf and Labradorite Mixed-Metal Charm Necklace by Sarah DeAngelo–this gorgeous piece was handmade in Colorado. We also carry tons of comfy hoodies and crewnecks perfect to combat the cold Wisconsin winters. The one featured above is by The Midwest Girl with their classic “Midwesty” logo. And finally we have tons of pennants to add a little fun to any space - such as this Give a Damn Camp Flag.

    No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we’ve got you covered! Plus, if you’re in a rush, order in-store pickup, and we’ll have your gift perfectly wrapped! Happy Holidays!


    The Grasshopper Goods Team

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  • Importance of Shopping Small

    Importance of Shopping Small

    With the holidays on the horizon, the rush to find the perfect gifts has begun. What better way to shop for your loved ones than at the businesses in your community? The argument of convenience often has many scrolling through Amazon during the holiday season. However, we would argue this takes the fun out of gifting for your loved ones... Plus, you may be surprised at how "easy" shopping for gifts can be at local businesses.

    Below are a handful of reasons to shop local this holiday season (and beyond!):

    1. When you shop local, you are not only supporting your neighbor's dream but also supporting your community as a whole. Economically, when you shop local, your money is directly going back to your community. From public schools, parks, roads, and even sidewalks, the sales taxes paid from local businesses helps all of these aspects of your community.

    2. Specially curated products providing diversity in your gifting options. As a small business, we take great pride in finding unique products and brands for our customers. Shopping local, you'll surely find the most unique gifts for loved ones.

    3. Better customer service! For small and local businesses, every single sale matters which often leads to better customer service. At Grasshopper Goods, you'll always be greeted with a smile and offered help finding what you're looking for. 


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  • Hostess Gifts They'll Love this Season

    Hostess Gifts They'll Love this Season

    The time of wintery goodness has arrived and with the winter season comes holidays full of loved ones and traditions. With holiday gatherings and parties on the horizon, hostesses everywhere are in full planning mode. Hosting loved ones for holiday gatherings is a special honor for many. However, planning gatherings for the holidays takes some work and are generally focused around the guests.

    If you find yourself a guest for a holiday gathering this season, what better way to thank the hostess for all their hard work than by gifting a little something as a sign of your appreciation.

    In true Grasshopper Goods fashion, we have a fantastic selection of gifts perfect for the hostess in your life. Below are some items that may inspire. Shop all Hostess Gifts on our website here!


    Wash Your Hands Tea Towel - $15


    Reusable UnPaper Towels - 6 Pack (Various Styles) - $18

    Love You So Much Candle - $33

    Mini Stack Candle - Peach/Lilac/Ruby - $23

    Artisanal Jam + Jelly - $8

    Quotebook Journal - $40


    Soap Cubes Set of 6 - $30

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