October 11, 2022

Tips to Spread Out Your Holiday Spending

By Kelsey Stokstad
Tips to Spread Out Your Holiday Spending

While last year's holiday season looked very different from previous years, this holiday season will likely look a bit the same. Though it may be a cliché by now (who hasn’t seen a commercial talking about these “unprecedented times”?), but the fact that the pandemic effecting holiday buying for many businesses is a definite reality. 

Last year few years, the most clear impact may be seen in the size of gatherings for holidays this winter. However, a less talked about outcome is the negative financial impact that the ongoing pandemic has had on the economy, families, and small businesses in your community.

The holidays are something to look forward to, a welcome reprieve from many troubles and a break for your mental health. This year shouldn’t be any different on that front, and lessening the financial stresses that may come with a holiday season affected by the changing economy can help ease your worry.

Tips to Spread Out Your Holiday Spending

Start talking about how giving will look this year

Whether you typically exchange gifts with just your immediate family, or if you participate in annual secret santas with friends and coworkers, it’s smart to start those conversations early this year. Once you have a better idea of how many gifts you’re committing to (including budgets for some gift exchanges), you can determine which gifts you should buy when to get a bigger bang for your buck. Which brings us to...

Make a purchase plan

Holiday shopping can get out of hand when it’s done impulsively. Set aside some time to write down the individuals you are buying gifts for this year and brainstorm a few ideas for each person. Then, once you decide on the ultimate best gifts for the loved ones in your life, you can plan out which gifts should be purchased first, and which should wait for future paychecks. 


Seek out holiday promotions

Small businesses are going the extra mile this year to serve their customers. Make sure that you follow your favorite local shops on social media or join their newsletters to be in the know about upcoming promotions that you may want to participate in. If you know these ahead of time, integrate them into your purchase plan - larger gifts can be purchased during promotions to cut down on cost.

Take advantage of no-interest layaway programs

Some stores have layaway programs that allow you to purchase an item but pay for it in increments. These programs are particularly great for the holidays where you’re purchasing many gifts at once and need to spread out your spending. Just make sure it’s a no-interest program before you sign the dotted line - you don’t want to accumulate any extra debt!

Bonus: Shop small when possible

We say it all the time, but thought we’d slip one quick reminder into this post. Shopping small over time helps inject funds into your local economy - not into the hands of big box stores and e-commerce giants. Though it may not drastically diminish your holiday spending, you’ll know that you’re getting high quality gifts for your loved ones while supporting businesses and families right here in your community.

The holidays may feel a bit different as they did last year, but we are of the fervent belief that they shouldn’t be the cause of greater distress for you and your family. By using the tips above, you can spread out some of your spending and lessen the financial burden of gift giving this year

Happy Shopping, Karen and the GG Team


This blog was updated from October 14, 2020 when we collaborated with our neighbors at Dune! We felt this information was still extremely relevant and helpful as the holidays are inching closer. Enjoy!