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Importance of Everyday Rituals

Importance of Everyday Rituals

Rituals are a major part of our lives. Whether it’s your morning routine of a cup of coffee before you get your day started, walking the dog after work, or even gathering with family for the holidays, our lives are filled with them.

Over the past 18 months, many common rituals in our society were pushed aside or completely changed. Graduations and weddings cancelled; employees no longer headed to the office; family gatherings rescheduled; gyms and businesses closed to name a few. Rituals that have been ingrained in our society all of the sudden ceased to exist for some time turning our lives upside down.

“Rituals provide meaning and make those experiences memorable.” (Kalpana Jain)

While these societal rituals paused, it brought to light the importance of personal daily rituals in our every day. When life slowed down, it pulled back the curtain in our own lives. A time when rituals were paramount for our human brains to feel a sense of purpose and happiness.

“Rituals give us clear rules and objectives, which help us enter a state of flow.” (Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles)

Daily rituals give us purpose. Help us work into our flow to be our best selves. Rituals do not have to be larger than life. They can present themselves in simple ways like writing down 5 things you’re grateful for right away in the morning or reading for 15 minutes before bed.

“Focus on enjoying your daily rituals, using them as tools to enter a state of flow. Don’t worry about the outcome -- it will come naturally. Happiness is in the doing, not in the result.” (Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles)

From morning to evening, rituals can be found throughout and should never be rushed. Here at Grasshopper Goods, we have a lovely selection of products that can help jump start a new ritual in your life or add to the ones you’ve already created. Below you’ll find daily Grasshopper Goods rituals with products you can find in our shop.



Take your time, put your phone away, stay in the moment, and begin your day with the Blume Matcha Coconut Blend latte. This incredibly smooth matcha blend is full of micro-blended superfoods to help balance your mind, body, and spirit to start your day on the best foot. Bonus is using Blume’s Adaptogenic Milk Blend with your latte for an extra calming yet invigorating experience.


Use part of your morning to journal. It can be about anything! Writing down what you’re grateful for, your top priorities to get done that day, or whatever feels right. Journaling is an incredibly meditative experience and helps us tap into ourselves on a deeper level. Our minds tend to race; journaling is an amazing way to focus your mind to help quiet it down to begin your day intuitively. We have an amazing variety of inspiring journals available in our shop.



Creating a habit of eating dinner with the family mute of distractions is a hard one these days. However, being present and eating together helps to foster deeper connections with each other. One of our favorite products in our shop is the 100 Questions Toolkit from The School of Life Organization. Simply pull a card from the deck and present the thought-provoking question to help move conversation along and learn more about one another. Plus, the questions are super fun!



Evening rituals are just as important as morning rituals. Mornings begin your day while evening rituals slow you down to ensure a restful night's sleep is in your future; a beautiful bookend to the day. A special ritual to slow down and be present is a nice bath soak. The Ranger Station Immune Boost Bath Soak is a fabulous soak to help boost your immunity while releasing tension. Full of charcoal, epsom salt, and eucalyptus essential oils, for a spa-like experience. Not into baths? Add the soak into your favorite body wash to gently exfoliate your body.



A new product we are excited about in our shop is Kin Beverages, a line of euphoric beverages to help balance the mind, body, and spirit. Their Dream Light Nightcap beverage is the perfect way to end your day. Mix with your favorite milk, enjoy warm or cold and enjoy the best sleep of your life. Crafted with balancing adaptogens, replenishing nootropics, and nourishing botanics, “Dream Light is tonight’s last sip of delight and tomorrow’s first step to restore.” Only available in our shop.


What are some rituals you have in your life at the moment? Share below!

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