Elevating Educators

An event series designed by Dr. Karen Tardrew – a teacher educator of 30 years – to uplift and support our teacher community.

A group of teachers sitting in folding chairs around a store. They are each bending their head to the left and holding it to stretch their necks.

On the first Thursday of each month, Grasshopper opens its doors to all educators for a restorative activity led by a special guest – plus plenty of time to hang out, share stories, and support each other.

You'll also receive a 15% off coupon for shopping that night – we have tons of goodies and tools for educators! Wine, sodas, and snacks provided. 🍷🥨


Next Event:

Note: due to high demand, we have decided to reschedule our May event for June and open it up to everyone (not just educators) so that all can participate in the creative community-building!

Join us on June 6 for a special workshop led by Dr. Geri Chesner, a creativity educator and coach, on channeling your creativity through making personalized "trading cards!" Creative trading cards are miniature works of art, about the same size as a baseball card, meant to be shared and traded. This workshop will focus on YOU – your story, your influences, and all the things that make you unique! No artistic or crafting experience is necessary, and yes, everyone is creative!

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About Dr. Chesner:

A close-up photo of Dr. Geri Chesner

As a creativity educator and coach, I guide and encourage active learning experiences that increase people’s ability to recognize and listen to their inner voice and fulfill their life desires. My passion is to engage people in using their innate creativity in their daily lives, both in personal and professional capacities. All people are creative, and my goal is to inspire its daily practice in all we do so that we can live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

 I practice creative living on a daily basis as an educator, colleague, parent, artist and human being. This way of living was instilled in me from an early age as I was encouraged to let my creativity shine through in my activities, experiences, and relationships.

 I have been an educator for 30 years, teaching students of all ages and life stages, from the very young to senior citizens. I have a Ph.D. in urban education and curriculum and instruction with a focus on visual literacy and learning. I enjoy using my creativity in the multimedia artwork and writing that I do.

Previous Events:

March 14, 2024: Meet us after-hours at Grasshopper for a relaxing yoga night led by Verona Area School District STEM teacher and registered yoga teacher, Hope Mikkelson!  Hope will lead us in a 20-minute yoga flow, then teach easy chair yoga moves teachers can take back to the classroom. Since 3/14 is "Pi Day," we will be serving delish pieces of pie! 🥧

April 11, 2024: Our second Elevating Educators event will focus on gratitude, with a restorative yoga session led by STEM educator and yoga teacher Hope Mikkelson, followed by a lesson from learning science expert Dr. Karen Tardrew on the mind-body connection of practicing gratitude.