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State and National Parks Adventure Planning Journal

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On the left side of each 2 page spread, you have:

- A place to plan the details of your trip.
- A section for reservation information, including refund policy, reserved dates, address, check-in and check-out times, website, phone, wifi information, and even a place for your confirmation number.
- Plus an area to show how far you are traveling.
- A fun color-in of the transportation modes you used during your adventures in the park
- A space to attach your favorite postcard, picture, drawing, or ticket stub

The right side includes park information and gives you a place to share the special moments about your journey including:

- Fun facts and information about each park
- The state the park is located in
- The year the park was established
- The number of acres in the park

Special Moments:
- Include why you went
- Who went with you
- When you went
- An unforgettable moment
- A laughable moment
- A surprising moment
- A shareable moment
- If you snapped a selfie (including a space for your selfie location)
- A fun color-in of the weather you experienced during your adventures
- There are over 100 FUN FACTS included inside this one book.