Blue Platypus - Snowmobile Long


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What's that over there in the clearing?  Why, it's an adventurous lass out for a spin on her favorite toy, zipping about through the beautiful powder without a care in the world.  Whether on vacation in the wilderness or facing another week of work in the city, this festive shirt is sure to become an instant favorite!  Body and sleeves are extra long, so no mid-winter midriffs here!  In a lovely vintage blue, so it looks just like your favorite vintage tee. As if this detailed, brilliant graphic weren't enough, the generous length is sure to ensure its place as a wardrobe staple.


Garment dyed, pre-shrunk

100% cotton

MEASUREMENTS (all measurements are approximate, lightweight cotton fabric does provide stretch)

XS- chest measures approximately 29"

S- chest measures approximately 31"

M- chest measures approximately 33"

L- chest measures approximately 35"

XL- chest measures approximately 37"