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Mobile & Small Business Coaching

Do you want to start your own mobile and/or small business? 

Wise Grasshopper provides life coaching services in the field of self-improvement. In addition, Wise Grasshopper provides training service in the field of professional development.

Perhaps you are having trouble figuring out where to start? We get a ton of emails asking all kinds of questions about how to get going but there is no way to answer them all.

Grasshopper Goods's CEO, Karen Tardrew, is now offering one on one coaching with entrepreneurs who have a lot of questions that they want answered so that they can follow their passion, become an entrepreneur and open a mobile or small business. We will do with a virtual zoom meeting (or phone meeting).

Our consultation will cover everything and anything that you want to talk about: merchandise, vendors, processes, permits, insurance, and more!

Your consultation will be at least an hour long. You also get unlimited email follow up questions after the call in case you forget something or run into some hurdles along the way.

    Click here to book your consultation!